Our Customers

As the market leader in the provision of powered access the Group recognises its responsibilities to support our customers and to continue to innovate and share best practice. 2014 saw our business units continue to deliver customer focused initiatives across the Group which included hosting over 100 complimentary powered access workshops for customers to share best practice.
The UK business ran their 6th consecutive Work at Height Best Practice Forum in September 2014. The event focused on topical issues surrounding powered access usage and was supported by over 70 industry health and safety professionals including UK Regulators. The event provided a thought provoking insight into the measures that powered access machine manufacturers take into account during their design process, as well as presentations on new industry guidance for ground conditions and practical workshops around delivery truck safety.
The Group also continues to support the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) with Group employees holding seats on the International Council and the UK Council. Lavendon also continues to represent the business on all the IPAF UK committees and aims to play an influential and supporting role to our industry.
We are focussed on delivering excellence to out customers, through innovation and service. Our Group Tech-X programme has continued to assist in the development of locations across our operations. In 2014 we saw 44 locations achieve the Tech-X Gold – our highest standard, which is an 52% improvement on the number of locations that achieved the gold standard in 2013.

In recognition of its success in developing engineering and safety standards across the Group, the Tech-X scheme was revised in 2015. It has been extended to include other operational areas such as training, transport, facilities and business performance to become a truly all encompassing operational standard.

This new accreditation, known as Tech-X 2020, will extend the current accreditation levels from the current Bronze, Silver & Gold to include Platinum and Diamond. This not only provides the opportunity for further development but will also enable locations greater scope to differentiate themselves from other sites, encouraging competition and raising standards across the Group.
The significant levels of investment by the Group in new fleet also provided a great opportunity for safety innovation. The Group ran workshops where powered access machine manufacturers were invited to show machines that the Group may consider for future purchase. These workshops were attended by the technical leads of each business unit together with health and safety and procurement representatives. The Group critically assessed each machine with a view to ensuring that required technical improvements were included into our tenders, thus ensuring new machines coming onto fleet meet the highest standards in engineering. Improvements introduced include longer leads on scissor
lifts, to guard against operator trapping incidents when operating the lift from the ground and fall protection devices, introduced across the Specialist Vehicle fleet, to prevent falls from the elevated bed of the vehicles.

Example of fall protection device specified by Lavendon and fitted to Bronto 70m aerial lifts.