The Group’s Sustainability Strategy

The Group has had a successful year in terms of meeting its Corporate Responsibility (“CR”) objectives. The CR agenda is set and monitored by the Board (with the Group’s CEO, Don Kenny, taking direct responsibility), and to aid its delivery we have taken the decision to review our polices and strategy with a view to providing the foundation for continued success over the next three years.
In this respect the CR strategy will be known as the Groups Sustainability Strategy going forward. The four pillars of the CR have been developed and enhanced to become five areas of excellence. In each of these areas we have defined and set Key Performance targets for 2015 through to 2017 which will be used to firstly benchmark our business in new areas that we have not previously measured and then set ourselves challenging targets for improvement. Progress will be measured by the Group Executive Team on a quarterly basis.
The five areas of excellence have been defined as:
– Our Environment
– Our Communities
– Our People
– Our Customers
– Our Suppliers

By reviewing and redefining our strategic KPI’s we have set the business challenging objectives to strive towards, providing a framework for continual improvement across the CR spectrum.