Strategic Plan

Our long term vision is for Lavendon Group to become a market leading powered access rental business in our selected geographies, placing safe access solutions at the heart of what we do.

Having made good progress toward this vision, our strategic priorities for the coming years, look to build on this momentum.

The achievement of ROCE greater than WACC on average across the business cycle remains our primary strategic objective, reinforcing the disciplines of the last few years.

Having established a ‘Fit for the Future’ business over recent years, with an efficient cost structure, our focus going forward is on delivering growth in revenues to drive further improvements in our profitability. At the same time, our ability to generate strong operational cash flows will enable the Group to be flexible in its investment plans, should opportunities develop.

Delivery of strategic priorities

We are facilitating the delivery of our strategic priorities for 2014 – 2016 through the introduction of four key programmes, shown above. Details of each of these programmes can be found in the latest Annual Report.

In each programme we have identified up to four priorities to focus upon and have set out our approach and the actions we will take, in order to achieve these priorities. We will monitor our progress through our Strategic Key Performance Indicators (“KPI’s”). Details of each measure and our current performance can be found in the latest Annual Report.