Lavendon has a broad and diverse customer base across many differing sectors and geographies, but all have common priorities when choosing powered access.


The Group primarily operates in the main European markets and high growth territories in the Middle East. We are present in the following countries: Bahrain, Belgium, France, Germany, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK and the UAE.
The Group seeks to become a market leading powered access provider in each of its chosen markets.
We develop our depot network within each market to ensure we are able to offer a nationwide service to our customer base. As an alternative to providing nationwide coverage, we may adapt our approach to achieving a market leading position by concentrating on specific sectors or regions within a market.
We also undertake projects outside of our main markets, if the project  scale, duration and financial returns are attractive.

Market Sectors

Our customers are diverse, engaged in sectors spanning Construction, Facilities Management, Infrastructure & Utilities, Industrial, Energy, Gas and Oil, Film, Television and Media.
The use of powered access continues to expand through increasing penetration of our existing markets and the development of new applications to meet customer requirements.
In recent years a new market for low level access machines has developed. Due to increasing safety requirements even routine internal maintenance is now conducted using small powered access machines.
The commercial, industrial and infrastructure construction sectors are the largest markets we serve. These markets are inherently cyclical and therefore we seek to mitigate our exposure by developing sectors which offer more predictive demand cycles.


We deal with customers of all sizes from global businesses, multinational blue chip’s, national, regional, privately owned companies and sole traders.
The period of hire of our machines also varies between regions. Across Europe the average period of hire is approximately two weeks, while in the Middle East region the average hire period is around six months.
In all cases customer enquiries are routed through our teams of skilled Hire Desk Controllers, who match the appropriate fleet asset to the customer’s needs.
Larger businesses are handled by our national account teams, who have specialist sector knowledge and skills for more complex arrangements.

Customer Priorities

After safety, our customers consistently rank the following as their key priorities when hiring powered access equipment: technical support, equipment reliability, availability of fleet, ease of ordering, price, on time delivery and staff friendliness.
We have aligned our business model, processes and practices to ensure we meet customer expectations in these areas.
Safety is THE key concern of our customers. As well as providing a full range of industry leading training on the use of the equipment, the Group’s BlueSky Solutions Team have developed a number of products to enhance safety when using powered access equipment.
These safety attachments are now being increasingly demanded by customers and leading manufacturers of powered access equipment.